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general overview of all the prices at calmness hotline

PRIce range

Lesson of 4 people

​At Calmness Hotline there are no group lessons but semi-private lessons for 4 people max. Some  workshops accommodate up to 6 people max  and courses  without equipment up to 8 people. This space privé focuses  on well-being and creativity through movement whether through the pole, or the hammock, or guided movements.


The studio will soon be 6 months old (End of December 2022)! During the last months there have78 been many experiences -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_who have determined that the studio will remain an intimate studio with semi-private courtyards mainly 4 people, therefore_cc781905-35cde- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ the prices  reflect this choice. 

The most popular.

10 semi-private classes

$450/ 10 classes

The package is valid for semi-private de pole dance and aerial hammock. This package is ideal for exploring the different courses of the studio. But it's also an ideal package if you want to move 2-3x / week at Calmness Hotline. 

1 semi-private class

$55 / 1 class

This class allows you to discover the studio.

There is no trial FREE at the studio but you can benefit from a 25% coupon if it's your first time at the studio USE THE CODE: WELCOMETOCH_25.

5 semi-private classes

$250/ 5 classes

The pack of 5 is valid for pole dance and aerial hammock. This package is ideal when you start at Calmness Hotline and you want to discover the different options of the studio. 

It's your first time here and you are unsure which classes to take... Would you like personalized recommendations? Book a 15 mins consultation below!


1 hour


1 class

You want to work a specific trick, be spotted, have the chance to ask questions relevant to you, review your comp piece with an instructor. Tell us more and we will get you started! Get 25$ off on your private first class at CH!



5 classes

Are you ready for the aventure...! Come and discover the style of Pole Dance & train at your level. Celebrate with a short video your evolution over 5 classes!



10 classes

You want to put on a choreography and tell your story through your own movements becoming the artistic director of your final video... come tell us more!



Semi Private


Nov2022_D&J_Artboard 6.jpg

1-2 pers.


-Create content with your bestie using your smart phone.

-Review tricks, create choreographies for a show / a competition, or just for fun!

-Access filtered and re-mineralized water (just bring your bottle), air conditioning (in summer) and heated floors (in winter).

-an iphone on spot w/spotify to connect your music. 

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