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Let's get physical this year

Updated: May 7, 2023

So how are the new year resolutions going? You've written down all of the fitness goals you wanna achieve before next December? Great! I have a question for you : did you think about how you'll get there? Other than just doing it again and again I mean. Something that is often forgotten in aerial sports, is that most of the work has to be done on the floor. You can practice your Jade Split over and over again, if you don't have the flexibility on the floor it's never gonna happen. Sorry for being a party pooper... But I have solutions! Calmness Hotline is adding tons of new conditioning and flexibility classes to its schedule and I'll help you find which ones are the best fit for your dream moves.


If your goal this year is to get a better physical shape in general, Aerial Pilates is a very fun way to move and become more muscular at the same time. The concept is simple : mixing pilates exercises with aerial hammock (also called aerial yoga). This makes the body work harder because you are focussing on stability and flexibility while engaging all of your muscles. An overall perfect work out for anyone looking to become more fit.

Monday 6:45 PM 1/2


If you are very new to flexibility training and you're not sure where to start, this class is for you! You will be working on passive flexibility, meaning that you will learn to have a better control of all the small muscles needed to create a bigger range of motion. With the help of the hammock for stability, you will slowly but surely let your body relax in flexy poses.

Tuesday 5:30 PM


This class will guide you if you wanna work on your splits or backbends, using the hammock as a tool to support you and play with gravity. It's a perfect mix between active and passive flexibility so you can work on getting bendier and being more in control at the same time.

Tuesday 6:45 PM 1/2


Work on pole poses but with the hammock. You read that right. This apparatus offers a better support for your whole body and you can focus on getting every limb in the right place instead of hoping you don't fall off the pole. To me that sounds like a groundbreaking concept. Think Bird of Paradise without the pain. Tempting isn't it? Note : this is a more intermediate to advance class.

Tuesday 8 PM


This class will focus on specific flexibility pole tricks. After a good stretchy warm up you will work on pole poses and not combos. You'll be able to take your time and really learn to control the trick. This is a more intermediate to advance class, as it will work on highly bendy tricks.

Sunday 1 PM


This is the ultimate conditioning class! Repetitions and sets of very specific movements to improve your stability, your endurance and your control. Doing this work out once a week will improve your strength and you will be closer each time to achieving big moves like Iron X and Fonji. This is also an intermediate to advance class, but it can be adapted to everyone's level.

Thursday 8 PM and Friday 12 PM


The Mongolian Contortion is a traditional circus art created to show the beauty of the body. It focusses on the flexibility of the spine and uses both back and front flexions to create extraordinary poses. I wrote a whole article about the discipline and you can read it here. The workshop happening on January 29th being so popular, we added a regular class on Friday nights. You can even buy a series package that secures you a spot to every class for 5 weeks, and for cheaper than à la carte. Learn the basics of this discipline and really dig into your bendiness with the incredible circus artist Nârlton Tsang.

Friday 8 PM (starting Feb. 3rd)

Are you ready to get better, stronger and bendier this year? What new conditioning class are you most excited about?

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