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60 mins - Évènement C A L M E

Soar into Serenity: An Aerial Hammock Bachelorette that will feel like 60 mins in heaven.

  • 1 heure
  • 400 dollars canadiens
  • Calmness Hotline

Description du service

In the heart of a serene oasis, nestled within the bustling city, lies an extraordinary haven for a bachelorette celebration unlike any other. This unique event is designed not for the wild-hearted but for souls seeking tranquility, connection, and rejuvenation before stepping into the sacred journey of marriage. Welcome to an intimate aerial hammock retreat, where the essence of relaxation meets the gentle embrace of movement wellness, offering the bride and her closest friends and family a truly transformative experience. As the sun begins to cast its warm, golden hues, a small, cozy studio opens its doors to welcome an intimate group of 4-6 individuals, embodying the spirit of closeness and personal connection. For those eager to share this experience in larger groups, arrangements allow for up to 8 participants, inviting duos and partners to engage in practices designed to foster unity and companionship, albeit in a snug setting. The event commences with the participants slowly seating themselves in the soft, embracing aerial hammocks that float just above the ground. This initial moment of weightlessness sets the tone for the day, a symbol of letting go of earthly burdens and soaring into a state of peace. A quick introduction circles around the group, knitting everyone closer as they share their presence and intentions, embarking on this journey together. Guided by a skilled instructor, the session seamlessly transitions into gentle stretches that utilize both the floor and the aerial hammocks. These movements are meticulously adapted to suit the group's collective fitness and energy levels, ensuring a comfortable and inclusive environment for all. The practice borrows elements from aerial yin yoga and movement wellness, a therapeutic dance style that emphasizes mobility, and the profound connection between mind, body, and soul. Amidst the soft hum of tranquil music and the diffused glow of ambient lighting, the studio transforms into a sanctuary of calm. The aerial yin class, infused with the essence of therapeutic moves, allows the bride to express herself in ways she never has before. Surrounded by her dearest companions, she is invited to feel, perhaps for the first time, the full depth of her emotions and the lightness of her being, all while being supported both physically and emotionally by the hammocks and her loved ones. A pinnacle moment of the event is the floating cocoon ceremony.

Politique d'annulation

Excited to have you join us for Semi-Private classes, private rentals, Private classes, or events! Here are some important tips: 1️⃣ Request a refund within 12 hours of purchase; after that, it's non-refundable but transferable. 2️⃣ Cancel or reschedule Semi-Private, rentals, or Private classes (excluding workshops or events) up to 12 hours before. Contact us via DM or email minimum 12 hours in advance, and we can assist you with rescheduling. 3️⃣ Book Semi-Private classes up to 30 days in advance. 4️⃣ Last-minute bookings (less than 12 hours before) via DM or email can be transferred to a friend if they can take your place. Contact us no later than 3 hours before the class. 5️⃣ Arrive on time; 10 minutes of lateness allowed. 6️⃣ Avoid parking bikes in front of the building to prevent fines. 7️⃣ After purchasing a package or pass on the app, make sure to register for classes. You're not automatically enrolled, but we can assist if needed. 8️⃣ Inform us of recent health issues or changes before the class. 9️⃣ Workshops, events, photo/videoshoots are non-refundable after 12 hours, but can be transferred if you find a replacement. No last-minute cancellations due to sickness or injuries. 🔟 Share your adventures on social media for loyalty points (optional) or enjoy your journey at your pace. Thanks for your support! See you soon! 🌱


  • 5100 Rue Molson, Montréal, QC, Canada


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