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90 mins - CH BACHELORETTE (Signature)

Viens célébrer en group cette transition qui vient avec un photoshoot à la fin!

  • 1 30 min
  • 550 dollars canadiens
  • Calmness Hotline

Description du service

Get ready for an unforgettable experience with our signature CH BACHELORETTE PACKAGE (90 mins) at Calmness Hotline. Step into our intimate studio and let us create the perfect bachelorette party tailored just for you. Experience the best of Calmness hotline’s room with the POLE JAM BACHELORETTE PACKAGE, where you will be able to create and host either a CALM or/and HOT bachelorette party. this package is available for current pole dancers only. We begin with an Intro Circle, a beautiful initiation into the celebration where you'll share your name and a gesture that speaks to your essence, followed by a heartfelt reflection on something you see or admire in the bride. Next, indulge in a Sensual & Fun Warm Up, guiding you from playful floor exercises to energizing standing stretches, setting the tone for an evening of joy and movement. Then, in a space of total acceptance, you're invited to Share Your Signature High School/Uni Move—a nostalgic opportunity for self-expression in a supportive environment. As the evening progresses, guests will split into Group 1 for a Mini Pole Choreo & Combo, while Group 2 engages in crafting heartfelt messages to the bride over delicious snacks, fostering deeper connections. After 20 minutes, we SWITCH, allowing both groups to experience each activity. The highlight of the evening? Watching each other shine. Group 1 performs for Group 2, creating a sense of camaraderie and celebration. Should the bride feel confident and inspired, she may choose to perform for the group, with bridesmaids capturing the moment. And to add to the magic, our instructor will grace us with a performance, offering inspiration and joy. Capture these precious memories with a QUICK IPHONE GROUP SHOOT, a perfect way to immortalize the love and laughter shared throughout the evening. our experienced instructors will guide you every step of the way, ensuring your bachelorette experience is truly unforgettable. Bring together the bride and her besties, and let's create lasting memories *Please note that our intimate studio caters to 6-8 guests for a truly personalized and exclusive event. If your guest list is longer, simply let us know. From your first contact with us at, we tailor an event that reflects the bride's personality and the essence of her relationships.*

Politique d'annulation

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  • 5096 Rue Molson Local B, Montréal, QC H1W 3B5, Canada


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