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Tu as déjà fait Pole (Beg 1 et 2)... et tu en veux plus!

  • Calmness Hotline

Description du service

*Édition spécial pour la Saint-Valentin: Dans cette classe spéciale, les participants apprendront un nouveau mouvement, qu'ils mélangeront ensuite avec deux autres mouvements déjà connus afin de créer une magnifique combinaison sur une chanson d'amour. Et s'ils partagent leur routine, ils gagneront 20 points de fidélité au lieu des 10 habituels. De plus, s'ils parviennent à attraper le contact de la caméra ne serait-ce qu'une fois pendant leur performance, ils remporteront un Griptonite. Ne manquez pas cette opportunité unique d'améliorer vos compétences en pole dance tout en célébrant l'amour ! *Special edition for Valentine's day: In this special class, participants will learn one new trick and then mix it with two other tricks they already know in order to create a beautiful combo to a love song. And if they share their routine, they’ll earn 20 loyalty points instead of the usual 10. Plus, if they manage to catch the contact of the camera just once during their performance, they’ll win a Griptonite. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to improve your pole dancing skills while celebrating love!

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Politique d'annulation

Hi there ☎️ Calmness Hotline here! We're excited you're joining us for a Semi Private, a private rental or a Private class! Here are some guidelines to help make sure you have a great time! 1️⃣ You can request a refund within 12 hours of your purchase, after that it's NOT refundable, but transferable. 2️⃣ You can cancel or postpone your Semi Private, rental, or Private class up (not applicable to workshops or events or photoshoots!) up to 12 hours before the start time. You can postpone it yourself, or contact us so we can assist you! Just contact us via DM or email (no later than 12 hours before Semi Private, rental, or Private class) and let us know when we can reschedule it for you. 3️⃣ You can book 30 days in advance! 4️⃣ If you book last minute less than 12h before via DM or email, you will lose the class if you try to cancel it because it won't be postponable. If you purchase a spot 5 hours or less before class, we'll be happy to transfer it to one of your friends, as long as they can replace you in time too!) Just contact us via our IG DM or email (no later than 30 mins before class). 5️⃣ 10 min lateness allowed (no later) the door will be shut in the winter especially. 6️⃣ Please do not park bikes in front of our building so that we don't get ticketed. 7️⃣ After purchasing a package or 1 pass on the app please make sure to sign up to classes by redeeming your plan. You are not automatically registered; you must register yourself. If you need assistance, do not hesitate! We are here for you! 8️⃣ Make sure to precise any important recent health issue or important detail that might have changed recently (pregnant, fragile shoulder, wrist recovering) in the forms and at the beginning of the class. 9️⃣ Please note workshops, events and photo/videoshoot ARE NOT REFUNDABLE after 12h of purchase. They are only transferable if you manage to resell them. They (workshops, events and photo/videoshoots) cannot be postponed due to sickness or any other injuries or problem as it is one time special event / booking that won't happen again. 🔟 Share your adventures on social media and gain loyalty points! That is optional, of course, if you prefer to simply express yourself freely to live fully at your rhythm you may! ⚠️ WELLNESS & HOTLINE & LUNCH Memberships have a cancellation fee of 100$ if launched and cancelled in between. Thank you for your understanding & see you soon! ✨


  • 5096 Rue Molson Local B, Montréal, QC H1W 3B5, Canada


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