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You are a POLE DANCER and want to POLE with your friends... for your (bachelorette) party.

  • 2 heures
  • Calmness Hotline

Description du service

Get ready to celebrate your unique bachelorette party with our POLE JAM BACHELORETTE PACKAGE (120 mins) at Calmness Hotline. Step into our intimate studio and host the perfect (bachelorette) party tailored just for you. Experience the best of Calmness Hotline's space with the POLE JAM BACHELORETTE OR PARTY PACKAGE, where you can create and host a CALM and/or HOT bachelorette party. This package is exclusively available for pole dancers with pole experience. As you gather with your closest friends, bring along your favorite snacks and non-alcoholic beverages to keep the celebration going. Follow the organizer's lead for the dress code or theme, setting the stage for a truly memorable event. Once the jam begins, there's no set structure—just a timer ticking away, signaling the start of an evening filled with endless possibilities. Whether you choose to snap selfies, create captivating content, or engage in some pole or hammock jamming, the choice is entirely yours. Under the warm glow of carefully curated lighting, you'll have the perfect backdrop for your adventures. An instructor will be on hand throughout the session, offering immediate assistance with music selection or equipment setup to ensure everything runs smoothly. Tripods are available for those perfect photo moments, and you're welcome to partner up for duos or trios on the poles or hammocks, adding an extra layer of fun and excitement. As the session draws to a close, the instructor will signal the organizer ten minutes before the end, ensuring a seamless transition. And to capture the magic of the moment, the teacher will gather everyone for a group picture, immortalizing your celebration with the organizer's cellphone. It's an evening of laughter, friendship, and unforgettable memories—a celebration of love and joy that will be cherished for years to come. Let’s make your party unforgettable! Bring together YOUR BESTIES, and let's create lasting memories. *Important point: No professional shoots will be allowed, but you can take as much content with your smartphone as you heart desires. *Please note that our intimate studio caters to 6-8 guests for a truly personalized and exclusive event. If your guest list is longer, simply let us know. From your first contact with us at, we tailor an event that reflects the bride's personality and the essence of her relationships.* If you are a student of the studio the length can be discussed.

Politique d'annulation

Excited to have you join us for Semi-Private classes, private rentals, Private classes, or events! Here are some important tips: 1️⃣ Request a refund within 12 hours of purchase; after that, it's non-refundable but transferable. 2️⃣ Cancel or reschedule Semi-Private, rentals, or Private classes (excluding workshops or events) up to 12 hours before. Contact us via DM or email minimum 12 hours in advance, and we can assist you with rescheduling. 3️⃣ Book Semi-Private classes up to 30 days in advance. 4️⃣ Last-minute bookings (less than 12 hours before) via DM or email can be transferred to a friend if they can take your place. Contact us no later than 3 hours before the class. 5️⃣ Arrive on time; 10 minutes of lateness allowed. 6️⃣ Avoid parking bikes in front of the building to prevent fines. 7️⃣ After purchasing a package or pass on the app, make sure to register for classes. You're not automatically enrolled, but we can assist if needed. 8️⃣ Inform us of recent health issues or changes before the class. 9️⃣ Workshops, events, photo/videoshoots are non-refundable after 12 hours, but can be transferred if you find a replacement. No last-minute cancellations due to sickness or injuries. 🔟 Share your adventures on social media for loyalty points (optional) or enjoy your journey at your pace. Thanks for your support! See you soon! 🌱


  • 5100 Rue Molson, Montréal, QC, Canada


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