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Discover Montreal's Ultimate Custom Bachelorettes

Updated: May 7

Welcome to Calmness Hotline, where we fuse the art of dance with the spirit of wellness to create a serene sanctuary for women to freely express themselves. Our studio offers an intimate backdrop perfect for a distinctive bachelorette celebration, catering to the energy and connection among guests, fostering a deep reconnection with one's sensuality.

EXPRESS Bachelorette Package

Begin an unforgettable 60-minute celebration with our EXPRESS BACHELORETTE PACKAGE, choosing between the serene CALM EXPRESS BACHELORETTE and the lively HOT EXPRESS BACHELORETTE. Designed for memorable party experiences, each package promises a unique atmosphere to suit your celebratory mood.

PHOTOSHOOT Bachelorette Packages

Our PHOTOSHOOT BACHELORETTE PACKAGE extends the fun to 90 minutes, with either the tranquil CALM PHOTOSHOOT BACHELORETTE or the dynamic HOT PHOTOSHOOT BACHELORETTE. Each option culminates in a photoshoot, capturing the beautiful moments experienced in your chosen setting.

CH Bachelorette Package

The CH BACHELORETTE PACKAGE offers a 90-minute journey that perfectly blends the CALM and HOT vibes of our studio, creating an inclusive celebration. From an Intro Circle to a Sensual & Fun Warm Up, and activities like Mini Pole Choreo & heartfelt messages, the evening is filled with joy, movement, and connection, concluding with a group photo session to capture these unforgettable memories directly on your phone.

POLE JAM Bachelorette Package

Dive into a 120-minute pole dancing extravaganza with our POLE JAM BACHELORETTE PACKAGE, exclusively for current pole dancers looking to celebrate in a uniquely active and personalized way. This package lets you and your guests bring your favorite snacks and none alcoholic drinks, set your own dress code or theme, and enjoy a non-structured jam session filled with pole or hammock fun, selfie-taking, and content creation. With an instructor available for assistance (music, equipment issues) and the use of tripods for capturing those perfect moments, your party will be a blend of laughter, friendship, and memorable experiences. The session concludes with a group photo, ensuring the joy and camaraderie of the evening are captured forever.

Your Party, Your Way

At Calmness Hotline, we're committed to crafting a personalized and exclusive event for groups of 6-8 guests. Should your party exceed this size, we're equipped to accommodate your needs. From your first contact at, our goal is to tailor an event that reflects the bride's personality and celebrates the unique bond she shares with her friends.

Join Us

Whether you're drawn to the calm, the hot, a blend of both, or the exhilarating Pole Jam experience, Calmness Hotline is here to ensure your bachelorette party is pure magic.

Let us guide you through a celebration filled with introspection, laughter and enchanted moments. Gather the bride and her dearest friends, and let's create memories that will be treasured for years to come.

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