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Showcase your best moves

The dictionnary definition of a showcase is an event where the best features of something can be shown or performed. It's an occasion to present to other people something new that you are proud of accomplishing. Most dance studios organize a showcase, either around the Holidays or at the beginning of the summer. It creates a safe environment for students to work on something specific and present it to their friends and family.

Caroline aka @flowingcaro your Aerial Flow Instructor

At Calmness Hotline, we like to do things differently. That's why we are doing our first ever showcase in February! Why am I writing about this if it's only happening next year? Well because right now is the moment to start working on something you would like to perform on stage!

The goal is to showcase every discipline there is at the studio. Yes, that includes pilates, contorsion and movement wellness, even signing bowls! We won't do like most studios do and prepare a choreo for one group and everyone follow what the teacher does. We want to honor our motto and let the students express themselves freely. So you are invited to create your own short act in any discipline you practice, in a solo, duo or group setting, and express your own feelings.

Fear not, your teachers are always there to help you with creation and flow. You may be able to work on your piece in class directly, or you can join the show prep class and have a coach advise you with tricks and direction. Starting in December, a free open practice time will be offer to participant where you can work on your choreo and get to share ideas with other students.

We love a good theme

We also have a theme for this showcase, so there is a story to be told and keep the audience on their toes. The theme is LOVE, as February is the perfect month for it. Choose between one of our three acts :

I - Sweet Love

II - Dark Love

III - Love Today

and make your own interpretation of what love means to you (or to your alter-ego).

You don't feel confident enough to do a whole routine in from of an audience? Don't worry, there's another way : you can come up with a short sequence that we will introduce in someone else's similar act, so you can be a character in their story.

How can I join?

Make sure you let Margaux or any of your teacher know that you wanna partake in the event, and share what you have in mind in terms of what discipline, for how long and under what subtheme. Do it as soon as possible to secure your spot, as they're already filling up fast. The official online registration will be available beginning of December!

I can't wait to see what each of you comes up with for this first showcase!

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