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Gift ideas for an aerialist

Updated: May 5

The Holiday Season is right around the corner and there's a high chance you're in the middle of wondering what to offer to your loved ones. If you have an aerialist or pole dancer close to you, I have a few ideas of what would make them really happy. And if someone sent you this article, I think it's safe to say they want something from this list.


Either it's for a Secret Santa or to stuff in a stocking, those smaller size presents are nice little attentions.

GRIP AID : I wrote a full article on different types of grip aids but if you need a clue on which brand to buy, take a peak in the person's bag or room, I guarantee you'll see a bottle lying around.

SHOE PROTECTORS : The new cool thing that pole dancers like but don't want to pay for are shoe protectors for dance heels. You can find them online on the person's favorite shoe brand's web site.

MASSAGE ACCESSORIES : A nice foam roller, the small stick roller, or a textured one are great to relax muscles. The massage ball and its sister the peanut-shaped ball help to release nerve tension. You can find those in most sport and recreation stores.

GIFT CARD : If you're unsure of the person's clothing size or style, better play it safe and go with a gift card. If you know they really like one brand, obviously go for it, but if you're unsure, my suggestion is to go with websites like Pole Junkie for pole wear and Shoe Freaks for footwear because they carry different brands.

MERCH : People tend to create a strong sense of belonging with their aerial or pole studio. I'm sure you've heard them recommend this specific studio to anyone who wanted to try their sport. So go check out this place, they probably sell merch such as polewear, sweatshirts, yoga mats or tote bags.


This section presents bigger in size or in price gift ideas. They're perfect for someone close to you who needs to be spoiled or even as a group gift for someone special.

POLE/SPORT WEAR : A classic! An aerialist never have enough leggins and a pole dancer never have too many pole shorts. It can be tricky to get the right size, so I suggest getting this only if you're sure it'll fit. Nueswmwr Nomade, Mtl Polewear, Oraki and Divinity are montreal-based company. But I'm sure if you ask a few subtle questions you can figure out the person's favorite brand.

SHOES : More popular amongst pole dancer, but we see it more and more on aerialists, dance heels specifically design to absorb shocks and elongate the leg are sure to make the receiver very happy. I wrote an article about pole shoes (scroll at the end to see my suggestions), but if you know the person has a favorite brand just go with it.

CLASSES : It's no secret, aerial sports are expensive. But a passionnate person will keep going no matter what their credit card looks like. Giving them a few classes to their favorite studio (or another studio they've been wanting to try for a while) is a touching attention. Most studio sell packages of 5, 10 or more classes, and some offer session subscription (January through April, for example).

PRIVATES : We are very lucky in Montreal to have a lot of very talented pole dancers and circus artists. A lot of them offer private classes. It is normally more expensive than a regular class at a studio, but it also provides personnalized advices and we can work on whatever we desire. It's a beautiful experience to offer to a loved one.

I hope I helped you find neat ideas for you aerial or pole dancer friend! What should I add to next year's list?

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