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5 Myths About Dance Heels

Pole dance is often associated with heels and, I know I've been there, sometimes when you're a baby poler you want to stay as far as possible from this stereotype. But once you've tried your first pair of heels, you don't want to go back. It makes everything look smoother... Once you've learned how to use them to your advantage!

If you're still not sure if you're ready to go to the dark side of the sport, or if you've been there but are still a little intimidated by them, here are 5 myths that you may think about dance heels that I'll debunk for you. And don't forget that you can flirt with the heels side as well as the fitness side of pole, this is a very wide sport and everyone is free to explore what they prefer about it.


If you've been used to pole classes where you learn strength moves or very technical tricks, it is possible that what you see other people do in heels class look easy to you. But there's a good chance that what you're watching is an all-level class with beginners who are still learning how to stand in their shoes. And to point their toes! To push the shoe on the opposite of its natural curve to really have a nice pointed ankle is a learning process, and yet if you don't point at all you are loosing all of the finess you're trying to deliver.

Learning to move with tall heels on is a sport in itself, but once you've master the basics you can absolutely do all the tricks you've learned in a more conditioning-oriented class. Let's just not forget that you're adding weight to your feet, so everything requiring the lifting of the legs will feel heavier.


Historically, heels have been associated with strippers and the more sensual way of moving in pole dance. Even though I do invite you to try a sensual movement class because it's a great experience to learn how to move your body, I acknowledge that some people are not confortable with acting sexy. Heels are just an extra prop you can add to your practice, it doesn't have to be any kind of style. There are contemporary dancers who will use heels to their advantage and really explore all the ways to serve the emotions they're trying to display.

You could also use the heels as power accessories for a more agressive style of dance where you jump and drop on the floor. The main purpose of the heels is to elongate the legs and slide more easily on the floor, from this point it's up to you to find the way your body wants to move and the feelings you're trying to transmit to your audience.


It may have been created with pole dancing in mind, but heels will add a nice edgy touch to any aerial sport you're practicing. It's a good addition to a costume for an act, giving more personality to your character. Just like in "real life", heels will make your legs look longer, which helps your poses look more impressive for the audience (or your instagram followers).

And you don't even need an apparatus! Dancing heels are great for floorwork as they easily slide on the floor and make your flow look more organic.


This is 2023, heels can be for anybody. But seriously, dancing heels are a tool that will make you feel powerful and indestructible, so I don't think your gender should stop you from trying a heels class. I have seen amazing male-presenting performers rocking the heels in fiery acts. Don't be afraid to break gender stereotypes that still occur in the dancing world, I encourage everyone to break those barriers.

And once again, dancing in heels is a hard workout on its own so I don't see why people should refrain from training their lines and overall stability because of their gender or what they may look like to society. I will always applause people enjoying theirselves.


I know there are high heels invented for other types of dance, like latin dances, tango or stiletto dance, but if you're gonna wear heels for pole or aerial arts, I strongly recommend getting the real deal. Pole shoes have a platform (toebox) that will absorb shocks and make the sliding parts much easier, but also the heel is thicker and stronger than small dancing shoes so when you come down from the pole you don't break the sole. If you're looking to buy your very first pair of heels and are not sure what to buy, I'll give you my recommandations. But feel free to ask people around you who already own heels, normally we're all very happy to talk about the subject.

The most known brand for pole heels is probably Pleasers. They are pioneers in the field and also the cheapest price-wise. They have a large variety of styles and models so you're sure to find something that represents your personality. In Canada, Shoe Freaks is a distributor located in Montreal, making the shipping cheaper and faster. So Pleasers is definitely a safe choice, but we tend to forget that they don't have the monopoly! Other brands may be a little more expensive but the quality follows the budget. Please note : I know you're telling yourself you'll get only one pair so might as well buy the best one possible... We all tell ourself this lie before we get to the second or third pair!

Other brands that are also worth a glimpse at the website :

My personal favorites are Hella Heels, they are very comfortable, the heel is thicker and sturdier. I love that they make shoe protector in the same material as the shoes, so when they're starting to look used you can change the protector instead of the whole shoe or boot. And they now have a warehouse in Canada so the shipping fees are a little cheaper!

Hustlers Heels are quite new to the scene, so their selection isn't very large but the designs are very interesting and unique. They're a little more expensive and they ship for the UK, but from the photos and posts I've seen the quality seems undeniable. I will definitely be keeping an eye on this brand.

The Soulheeling Shoes is also a new player in the dancing heels world (some people got productive during pandemic, right?). Their styles are very original and will make sure you capture the spotlight every time you wear them. What I like about this company is that they only produce on order, so your shoe is literally made for you and it reduces the overproduction of wastes. Their prices are closer to the Pleasers's range, as they are manufactured in China and the market is cheaper over there.

Leecabe seems to be a one-person's work and I can only admire that. I have never ordered from them but I love their designs and their Instagram feed, it's probably gonna my next purchase! They even make custom work, you just write them what it is you're looking for and they magically create it for you! I wouldn't recommend to shop on their website right now it looks like a work in progress at the time, but I've been told that contacting them directly through Instagram is very efficient.

I hope I convinced you to at least try dancing in heels once in your life! To me it's a freeing experience. But I always come back to the barefoot training every once in a while. You can vary the pleasures, there's nothing wrong with that. Do you have any more preconceptions about dancing in heels that need precisions? Feel free to ask me any question on the matter!

I love doing the 5 Myths series! What other aerial-related subject would you like me to debunk next?

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