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Anatomy of a pole character

Writing this article feels so exciting but also scary because for the first time I'm writing about a workshop that will be given by... me!

If you've seen me perform before, you know I'm all about the character. I have a background in theater and in music -not in dance!- so the emotions are my first motivators to move and create. And I decided to share some of what I know and what I love with you in a special workshop for character building.


The workshop will begin with short exercises inspired by theater training where we will get to physically communicate specific emotions. I will give you tips on how to pay attention to small details related to different types of characters. I will also guide you on your facial expression and body language. But overall, I mostly want you to feel how you character would move.


I will also show you a short sequence on the pole that we will revisit as different personas. I will guide you in the idea of each movements, and you can get inspired by other participants as well, so don't be scared if you don't have any experience in theater or anything related. I mostly want to give each person new tools to reflect about a character that they might wanna develop.

If you are currently working on a pole act (I know PSO Canada East is around the corner, and keep an eye open for the Halloween Pole Community Show coming up), feel free to join me in this fun workshop and I will try and integrate some specific characteristics for you, so you will leave with new ideas on how to make your number shine throught.

Join me on Sunday, September 3rd for the Character Creation and Exploration workshop, at Calmness Hotline or online (as we offer an hydride version too!)

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