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Dare to Join the Dance Party

When I was a kid, there used to be disco nights organized in my small village. On a Saturday night, youngters age 11 to 15 would go to this big party and dance to the lastest hits by The Black Eyed Peas or 50 Cent up until our parents came to pick us up, probably around 11 PM. Then when I was (almost) 18 I started going to the clubs, drinking and dancing all night until 3 AM even though I had to be in school in the morning - it was lady's night on thursday and we'd get free drinks just for being a girl.

But then I got older and even though I do enjoy a good night of shaking my butt with my friends, it's just not our jam anymore. I do enjoy going to bed early and not feeling hungover the next day - I know, I talk like your grandma.

Do you feel the same? Like you wish you could have a good old dance party but you don't want to feel bad for doing it?

This is exactly the thought behind Calmness Hotline's new Dance Parties!

You might have heard about the first one happening this month, it's a Barbie - Back to School themed party! The goal is to dress up as you please, following the theme, and let your alter ego dance the night away... but still go to bed early.


Come on, who doesn't like dressing up? Come as a different character every time and let that new personality guide your movement. We have a DJ so don't worry about the music not matching the theme or the energy ever going low : the DJ wants everyone to have the best night possible.

For the first event, get ready to enter an all-pink environment (of course there will be a photobooth) and let the 2000s RnB sounds guide your KENergy. With every theme will come a different music genre so it's a good opportunity to come and enjoy different styles and learn how to move to those rythms that you might not be familiar with.

Those theme parties are also a great opportunity to connect with other people through movement more than words. Learn from each other and have a blast while dancing in any way you feel like.


Community and connexion are essential parts of our well-being as humans and dance and movement are great ways to connect to one-another without words. Those events will be great opportunities to connect with like-minded people and learn how to move with others.

It's also great for creativity, because the more you move in ways you wouldn't expect, the more your movement vocabulary extends. You can get inspired by others, but also surprise yourself with new ways of dancing and creating.

And for the physical wellness, a mixologist will be present to make delicious good-for-the-body-and-soul mocktails. No alcohol involved, keep your mind clear and your morning harmonious. The event finishes early enough for you to go home, have your selfcare night routine and go to bed early.


We want to ensure people who come are people who care. There is indeed a small fee to partake in the themed parties, but with everything that's included it really isn't that expensive.

As I said before, a professional DJ is in place to make sure you're having the time of your life. A mixologist specialized in healthy mocktails will fulfill all your taste buds' desires. Decoration and photobooths are at your disposition for fun pics to share on social media. And let's not forget, we want these events to become a safespace for our community. We dream of future dance parties where people don't ask themselves why they're going, but rather why they wouldn't go.


If you wanna be part of a new tradition, make sure you register for the Barbie Back to School party happening next Saturday, September 16th, from 7 to 10PM. Dj Ashton in the Club will play all of our favorite 2000s hits and you also get 1 free mocktail coupon with your entry ticket. Dress up in your best Barbie and/or Back to School look and come enjoy a great girls (and Kens) night!

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