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Deadlift and its variations

If you've been doing pole for a while, you've probably heard the question 'Can you do the flag?' Well, when you're a poler, you know that the flag is not really a movement we strive for; we leave that to the calisthenics folks who want to show off their muscles.

A movement that truly impresses us, on the other hand, is the deadlift. Like a flag in motion, the deadlift appears to be the ultimate goal in terms of strength and precision in pole dancing.


Even if the desire is there, the path to the deadlift is not easy. You need to work on your strength, as well as your mobility. Even more importantly, you need to know where you're going. This is your chance to understand the fundamentals in order to better structure your practice towards this ultimate goal.

Narlton will soon offer a complete workshop on the deadlift on the pole. With an exercises program to strengthen the right muscles, interesting variation suggestions, and a mix of theory and practical movement, even if you don't succeed on the day itself, you'll have all the necessary tools to continue your quest for that goal movement. Maybe you'll discover a variation that suits you better and that you'll want to work on again.

The 120 minutes workshop will take place on Saturday, July 22nd at 3:30PM. You don't have to already know how to deadlift, as this is what the class is about, but you need to have good basics in Ayesha and Handsprings..

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