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While nature is gently transitioning from summer to fall, get ready to let yourself adapt to this slower, more contemplative energy. Kara and Selma created together a fusion workshop for you to dive into your own sensual being and ground yourself in a renewed creative energy. Are you ready to let them guide you in this imaginative journey of self-discovery that is The Enchanted Dreams?

Come and experience this one of a kind experience of self-expression through meditation and sensual movement. Take this moment to celebrate yourself and discover what goals you truly want to set for this new season that's starting.

We'll start with the grounding sounds of the signing bowls to set the tone for this walk through the forest of your imagination. Let your mind relax by following the guided meditation and take this opportunity to reconnect with your true essence.

Once you're at peace inside your mind, it is time to exteriorize these emotions to let them spark in the outside world. Let your body manifest your new intentions.

Sensual movement comes from the inside first. The way you move is guided by the energy you want to send in the universe. We often feel blocked in our movement because we fear what others will see. Use this moment to move in a way that is true to yourself and you will feel freer of any expectations.

Set to take place on September 23rd, the day of the autumnal equinox at 4:44PM -the digit 4 being the symbol of concrete realisations, wholeness and universality- this magical moment will guide your on a journey of inner peace and harmony. Come and let your soul reconnect with your whole-self through enchanting dreams.

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