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How to select your classes at Calmness Hotline?

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Discover the power of sound healing and the benefits of deep meditation.

Gentle stretch in the serenity of the park *if the weather doesn't allow the class will happen at the studio.

Creative movement exercises that invite you to move in ways that feel good to you. Awareness of the leitmotifs within your body. It's inspired by dance therapy, movement medicine and Gaga.

Creative exercises that invite you to move in ways that feel good to you. Listening to one's body is essential! Inspired by dance therapy, movement medicine and Gaga.

Muscle relaxation and body realignment through moving at your own pace with the breath.

Practice Pole moves & train in a group with structured games outdoors and at the studio if the weather doesn't allow.

Review and practice movements learned in other aerial hammock classes. It's a game and free movement open practice without guidance.

Improves posture and balance by strengthening the core. Alleviates spinal pain “by repositioning” the pelvis and back correctly.

Duo and group acrobatics inspired by circus, cheerleading and acrobatic dance.

Creation of a participatory choreography.

Dix huit ans et plus, acrobatique, fitness, souplesse, brûle des calories

Full body toning by working on your fitness and flexibility.

Toning of the glutes and abs with the hammock and resistance bands (optional). Intense workout!

Aerial movements inspired by yoga, pilates, dance and acrobatics done using the hammock.

Article written and edited by Roxanne Kègles Demers in collaboration with Calmness Hotline.

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