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Last October 31st, on Halloween Night, one of the best pole event in Montreal happened for the 3rd year in a row : The Community Halloween Pole Show. A show where everyone from any studio in the Greater Montreal is invited to showcase their best moves in a Halloween themed friendly competition. This year, we had two categories : Beginner/Intermediate and Advanced. The winner from each category, amongst other really cool prices, got to partner up with Calmness Hotline and create a special workshop. That means you too can learn some of the most impressive tricks from their routine!


Learning from someone who just performed their own creative piece is an excellent way to get to know how they started from a blank canvas to a complete outstanding routine. This is the perfect timing to ask about their process and learn how to build a choreography, espacially if you're thinking about competing or performing in the future.

In both of these workshops, you'll get to learn a few combos from the original winning routine. That means that the coach know exactly the right cues for audience engagement and breathtaking calculated poses. This is the kind of expertise that you need in your toolbox when performing. You might do the best tricks there is, if your audience isn't captivated you lost half of the impact your piece could have had.

ADVANCED WINNER : DAISY | Gif from the video by @artsyvisuals

The first workshop you can attend to is Daisy's! Learn some tricks from her Halloween piece, as well as how to use the music as a mean to amplify your character's uniqueness. Is you haven't seen the original piece, just know that as horrific as her character looked she managed to make it a sexy deranged piglet with whom everyone fell in love. That's real talent!

Daisy's 2 hours workshop is happening on Saturday, November 25th at 3PM. Prerequisites are being confortable inverting and staying in your inside leghang. Heels are optional and knee pads highly recommanded.


Find yourself a pole buddy and join the second workshop : Charlotte and Roxane's! Duos on the pole are very hard, you need to know and understand your partner at all times. This workshop is a good place to start, because those two girls just created a whole duo choreography so they are aware of the challenges you may encounter.

Learn some pole tricks you can do with a friend, as weel as how to interract with each other while still engaging with your audiance. This promises to be a very interesting workshop if you're planning on performing in a group piece. Charlotte and Roxane's Duo Workshop happens on Saturday December 9th at 4PM.


Use promo codes EARLYADVWINNER_25 when booking before November 16th for 25% off!

And EARLYINTWINNER_25 on Roxanne and Charlotte's if before the 23rd!

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