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Movement intention in contemporary pole dance

I find contemporary dance fascinating because the dancers always look so connected to their body. The choreo doesn't come from what it looks like but rather from what it feels like. And that to me is so impressive; when someone truly gives an intention to every movement they create. We're seeing more artists combining contemporary dance to pole dance and it creates this amazing movement art form.

One of these international contemporary pole superstars is Vanda Seetoh. And guess what? She's giving two workshops at Calmness Hotline this month.

Based in Singapour, Vanda Seetoh offers mostly online classes. She creates a safe environment for her students to experiment and discover their body's desired way to move. She encourages self-expression more than just teaching technique. Her practice is truly mesmerizing and the way she moves her body in a mindful and conscious way is amazing. We are lucky enough to have her in Montreal for a few days, so don't miss out on this opportunity! I feel like there's gonna be a lot of precious informations that can be transferred to your pole practice, no matter what your style of dance is.


This first workshop will guide you through the musicality aspect of dance. Each movement should be performed with intention. Let the music touch your senses and guide your body in the expression of every transition and every small gesture.

This workshop is a little more advance, as it isn't about learning new tricks but getting to understand how each movement works in your body. You should already be confortable on the pole and willing to bring your understanding of musicality to a new level.


The Contemporary Pole Workshop will give you the fundamentals of contemporary dance and deep dive through the techniques. Learn to become one with the pole and let your body speak for you.

What I personnally find so impressive in contemporary dance is how the artist looks in total harmony with their body. This is the occasion to discover the sensation behind this act of understanding of your own movement. You will get the chance to define new rules for yourself and push your limits.

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