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Queen Kheanna is in Town

Pole dance superstar Kheanna Walker grew up in Montreal and this is where her passion for the sport was born. It's always an honor, both for her and for the pole community in Montreal, when she returns to see her family and friends for a few weeks, to have her give special workshops. We will have the chance to welcome her to the Calmness Hotline studio for not one, but two workshops on July 7th.


Kheanna has performed on several major stages, both in competition and in shows with different artists, in Australia, the United Kingdom and Canada. She also offers access to an impressive bank of online educational videos for pole dance, flexibility and muscle training. And on top of all that, she is very active on social media, being the main content creator for the online store Pole Junkie, which sells clothing, shoes and accessories for pole dancers around the world.

Having met her a few times, I can affirm that her popularity has not gone to her head. She is a very warm person, attentive to others and so generous. With her beautiful caring smile, she instantly puts people at ease. You guessed it, I am a big fan of Kheanna Walker and I think everyone should take one of her classes, in person or online, because her way of teaching is very defined, focused on the journey rather than the final destination.


Perhaps you have already had the opportunity to take a class with her, but the Calmness Hotline experience promises to be different. In a semi-private set up, each 120-minute class will focus on a specific type of combo (see the description of each one below) and will be adapted according to the level of each participant. You will have all the space you need to ask your questions, receive advice and variations, work on more difficult transitions while discovering Kheanna's universe and her unique style.


The two classes are offered on the same day, on Friday, July 7th. You can participate in the one that speaks to you the most, or register for both! But you'll have to act fast because, as I mentioned earlier, spots are very limited.

Dynamic Static Combo

There is this feeling in the community that spin pole is more beautiful, perhaps because it is easier to just hold a pose and the movement of the pole naturally makes it graceful. But a well-executed technical combo in static mode is much more impressive. If you don't know Kheanna's style yet, first hurry up and follow her on social media, but above all you will discover that she stands out for the dynamism of her combos and the power she puts into each of her movements.

This class is dedicated to this dynamic style of static pole that works on strength, agility and power.

Sexy and Powerful Spin Flow

When she performs on stage, Kheanna offers a style of dance that is erotic, but in a strong and confident way. Being sexy doesn't mean being submissive and she understands that well! Come and work on your sensuality while offering a powerful and energetic performance, this time on spin pole. You will work on your flexibility and flow while letting out the goddess in you.

If you want, you can wear high heels adapted for pole. It helps to bring out the badass attitude.

Will you partake in one of these workshops? Which one are you most interested in?

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