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Total Intro to Pole

Have you always wanted to try pole dancing but haven't yet taken the leap? (If you know someone who would relate to this, send them the article!) I have good news for you: Calmness Hotline offers an intro workshop for complete beginners. It's a rather intimidating sport, I totally agree. Personally, I didn't know what to expect when I started, and my entire first year was spent discovering this highly diverse universe. But with this accelerated Pole 101 workshop, you'll have plenty of room to ask questions, discover, try, and learn more than you can imagine about this wonderful sport.


I have already written an article called Five Myths Around Pole Dance, but today I would like to deconstruct some concerns you may have that are holding you back from trying pole dance.

I'm not strong enough. Strength will always increase with practice and time. Nobody woke up one day able to hold their body upside down or holding themselves in the air with just the back of their knees on a pole. Pole dancing is a demanding sport that engages every muscle in the body. These muscles may not be used in your daily life (yet), so it's normal that you have less strength than your friend who has been doing pole dancing for a few years. Don't worry, we have all been through that.

I'm not flexible. Flexibility is not a prerequisite at the beginning. You just need some mobility, and if you can lift your arm above your head, you're good to go. The super flexible moves come later, and when you get there, you can easily find tools to help you develop that ability.

I'm not sexy. Pole dancing is so much more than that! Of course, part of this sport originated from strip clubs, and there is definitely a more sensual side to explore... But only if you want to! Some people do pole dancing just to build muscle, they do strength movements and repeat them until they become even stronger. Plus there's no obligation to wear heels, in fact, most classes are done barefoot.

I don't want to show my body. It is true that at a more advanced level, you need to show a bit more skin. This is a safety issue: skin contact is necessary to grip the pole, otherwise, you might slip and risk getting hurt. But at the very beginning, sport short and tank top will do the job. And I would like to add that the community found in all aspects of pole dancing is one of kindness and respect. No one judges you, whether you are plum or hairier, beauty standards are not taken into consideration. You are here to have fun and push yourself. I promise you that your classmates will only encourage you and give you the necessary courage to achieve movements that you thought were impossible before.


I totally get it! There are more and more studios popping up these days, all offering classes with different names and levels... And that's exactly why I find the Complete Intro Workshop super interesting!

You can be certain that you'll be attending the workshop with other complete beginners who have never set foot in a pole studio before. The class size is intentionally limited, so you'll have a small group of six newbies to experience a safe and intimate context. Lolita will kick things off with an introduction to the sport and the different styles that you can explore in the vast world of pole dance. You'll have the opportunity to ask any burning questions you may have. You will then get an accelerated trial of the various class styles offered at the Calmness Hotline studio. There's definitely a greater variety of classes available, but I believe we've managed to create a pretty diverse offering.

This 120-minute class ends with a moment of intuitive pole dance, where you can test your new skills and continue exploring movement with the pole. It's the time to let go and listen to your body, without any judgment.


If you've read this article in its entirety, there's no more question to ask: you're intrigued and drawn to pole dance. Stop hesitating and listen to your desires, you won't regret it. The next Total Intro session will take place on Saturday, July 29th at 3:30 PM.

To register, all you have to do is click the button below:

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