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Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Starting this fall, Calmness Hotline will offer a different and creative new way to dance with your friends; discover the Co-creative choreography.

Each month, a team of motivated dancers will come together to prepare a choreo and at the end of that month their work will be featured in a local artist's next music video. And you can be part of this journey!


As our post-pandemic society is making us wanna stay home and isolate, especially when the greyer months will arrive, artists like us tend to long for a community and the feeling of belonging. I believe this is a great opportunity to meet other passionated dancers and create something dear to your heart in a group setting.

Co-creating with a team is a great challenge and will allow to play on everyone's strength. Everybody comes in with their own bagage and previous experience. You can merge ideas and favorite moves to come up with a powerful routine you will all be proud of.

Thaïs Sala - October's artist


When registering (see link at the end of this article), you agree to be present every Thursday for a period of four weeks (one month).

In the first session, you will meet your co-choreographers as well as the artist who you will be performing for and/or with. You will discover their newest song and then they will explain what they expect from this collaboration, what they want their music video to look like, if they prefer floorwork or pole moves, if they want group shots or more solo clips, etc.

You will then start brainstorming, exchanging ideas and sharing them with your dance mates co-creating the final project as a group. The next weeks will be dedicated to creating a finished product and of course, practice until it's perfect.

At the end of the month, a fifth date will be decided and you will film your final choreography in a professional setting. This allows you to discover the pleasures of being a professional dancer in a video, showing your best moves on camera and feeling like the bad-ass that you are.

Celeste - November's artist


To keep harmony from start to finish, the whole process will be orchestrated by the amazing Cecilia. You might know her from @mtlpoleshoots. She's an experienced pole dancer and she knows how to create beautiful routines in short periods. She will back your team up in this exciting journey.

The final product will be filmed & edited by Margaux the founder and owner of Calmness Hotline as she is a passionate video editor. It's important for her that her studio builds synergy that helps creative people live new experiences.

Selmki - L'artiste du mois de décembre


As I mentioned, the class is constructed following a one month program.

The first choreo will start in the first week of October, on the 6th.

BUT if you are curious to try one class for fun, to see how it works to create with other people and to ask any questions you might have before starting the "real" experience, every Thursday of September will be dedicated to co-creating short choreographies, just for the fun of it. That way you can have a better idea of what the full process might look like.

You can book right now by clicking on the month (or months!) you wish to register for :

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