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Why we dress up on Halloween

You probably know that Halloween originated as Samhain, a thousands or years old tradition among Celtic communities. November 1st being the first day of the winter for them, the night before was thought to be a blur between the living and the dead. If they had to leave their homes, people would dress up with animal skins and faces so that if the cross path with a bad spirit, it would think they were one of them and wouldn't cause any harm.

Eventually, Christian values were imposed to the Celts and though they kept most of their traditions, November 1st became an important memorial day to honour the deceased of the year that had just past. The day before this significant date was called All Hallow's Eve, which with time became Halloween.

Around the 18th century in Scotland, this last day before the darkness of the winter season was a moment to set goals and hopes for the upcoming season. But even more, young ladies were to wish to find a suitable husband within the year and get married before the following All Hallow's Eve ideally. All sorts of ritual were made, from burning hazelnuts to standing in the dark in front of a mirror, all in the hope that they could see a sign of who their true love was.

The 1920s and 1930s in North America was the beginning of Halloween as we know it today. People stopped dressing up as a way to not be recognized by spirits and started dressing up as idealized versions of on the fringe characters like gypsies or pirates. Eventually, people would dress up as pop culture characters and wanted to be recognized to show that they are what they dress up as, wether it's a Superhero or a fighter or a femme fatale.

Of course, Halloween is now a commercial Holiday mostly targeted toward children. But a lot of people still love the idea of dressing up as scary or funny characters, take some time to acknowledge the presence of spirits and ghosts, and then obviously have fun with like-minded people for one last time before the weather gets too cold and gloomy. And let's be honest, a lot of girls go out there in sexy costumes, maybe not to find a husband, but at least to leave some guys under the impression that they've been bewitched.

If you too love to dress up as spooky mysterious spirits and to keep it a little bit sexy, you should come join Caroline at Calmness Hotline at the end of the month. She prepared a Halloween themed choreography with hammock that you'll be able to learn in her special workshop on All Hallow's Eve's Eve - October 30th.

Come dressed as a vampire inspired character, bring your high heels if you wish and let this spooky sexy flow guide you through this alter-ego that you wish you were every other day of the year. You might not find a suitable husband on that night, but at least you'll have great content for your social medias.

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