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Your Archetypes' Through Movement

Do you know about the theory of archetypes? According to the psychiatrist Carl Jung, our personality and way of living our life are based on innate knowledge that has been passed down to us by our ancestors. Each person is connected to one or more of the twelve types of archetypes that this theory proposes, and the category to which we belong would guide our actions, thoughts, and even our emotions.


Not only does our own personality reflect the desires and motivations of the archetype that represents us, but everyone around us also corresponds to an archetype that is unique to them.

So beyond finding and understanding our own deep motivations, it is also important take a look at the archetypes that we feel most drawn to. What personalities bring you what you don't find within yourself? What motivations inspire you without necessarily being your own goals? An analysis of our close surroundings as well as a recognition of the heroes who inspire us can be beneficial to understand how we see and live our lives.


Margaux invites you to a special movement wellness workshop focused on the recognition the archetypes that guide your life. Come take the time to reflect on your goals and how you conceive success, all while moving in a way inspired by the archetypes that inspire you the most

Sometimes it's by being physically confronted with a challenge or a desire that we realize the extent of what this event represents in our life. You have the chance let yourself be guided in your micro-movements and gestures inspired by your personality and take a moment to understand what motivates you.

This is a great way to start the summer season by having clearer and more concise ideas about your short-term goals. What does success mean to you? What does achievement represent? And how can you achieve your goals using a method that suits you?

Partake in this inspiring workshop on Saturday June 17th at 3:30PM. Click HERE to book your spot.

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