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Celebrate 'Pinktober' at Calmness Hotline

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

The month of October is now known as the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, or Pinktober. During this meaningful period, doctors, researchers and survivors come together to raise awareness about Breast Cancer, promote prevention and the importance of research. This year, Calmness Hotline decided to partake in this important campaign and you'll want join us for a meaningful experience.


Have you or someone you love been battling with Breast Cancer? Are you a survivor or did you accompany someone going through the difficult process? Did you recently receive a diagnosis and feel clueless in this adventure? Feel free to join us on September 30th to share stories on how it affected your life, how you've been learning to deal with it and maybe give tips to people starting their arduous journey.

After learning about everyone's relation to Breast Cancer, you will probably feel safer and empowered by the energy of the group. That's when we will start the Pinktober photoshoot.

In collaboration with Mtl Pole Shoots, you are offered the opportunity to take beautiful photos to celebrate your strength and your femininity. Everyone wears pink (or white) in a pink lightning, a warming ambiance to make you feel special and powerful like a superhero. You can even take photos with the pink aerial silk!

You will have the chance to be photographed doing your best pole moves or silk poses - but you don't need to be a professional to do so! Beginners welcome, as this is a playful activity to celebrate life and health. You don't even have to be used to the camera, Margaux and Cecilia will make you feel comfortable and you can trust they will find your best angles. All genders also welcome; anyone can face this cancer and it's definitely easier to do so when you have a strong support group.


This is a three hours long activity, which will give you plenty of time to get to know the other participants, share a wellness cherry drink, take photos while being supported by everyone, honor who you were before breast cancer came into your life and also celebrate who you are today.

In the following 48 hours, you will receive all your pictures as jpeg, to share to your social medias if you want to, building knowledge about this Awareness Month, or just to keep for yourself as a memory of your strength and beauty. You will also receive three professionally edited photos of your choice as well as behind the scenes from the sharing circle.

25% of profits will be donated to a breast cancer research foundation in Montreal.

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