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Happy Birthday Calmness Hotline!

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

It's been almost a year since the studio opened its doors! If you followed Margaux on social media before the official opening, you know that there were ups and downs of emotions, unforeseen events, and adjustments to finally arrive at the creation of this safe space where we all feel that we can truly express ourselves freely.

If you allow me, dear Community, I would like to give a brief summary of the important events that marked the beginning of Calmness Hotline's life.

May 2020 : The Adventure Begins!

In the midst of lockdown, feeling the need to reconnect with her pole and aerial community, Margaux launches the Calmness Hotline platform. Initially exclusively online, then in the form of private classes in her condo in the Angus neighborhood, she accompanies students from all over the world in their adventure of wellness through movement. From there was born the ambition to open her own studio, a space to welcome small groups in order to create a different and personalized immersive experience for each person who comes in.

January 27th 2022 : The Keys to the Studio

Margaux takes possession of the space on Molson Street. It doesn't look like much at the moment, but she is working in collaboration with an architect and a designer to transform this vacant space into her dream studio. The path is winding from there, she discovers the difficulties of being an entrepreneur and the dozens of hidden problems that surface at the worst moments (and which always require a larger investment of time, money and energy). But she never gives up, even if some setbacks are hard to absorb, she gets up stronger and more creative than ever to achieve her goals.

I truly admire Margaux for everything she has successfully faced during this period. We do not see enough of the difficulties that young entrepreneurs encounter, and she has been able to be vulnerable and show on social media how it takes strength to believe in your dreams when nothing is working your way. She did not let herself be defeated and it has greatly paid off, as she now holds her baby on her shoulders, proud and accomplished.

July 2022 : The Great Opening & First Hire EVER

The first week of the Calmness Hotline studio opening was a success! Free classes were offered to discover the range of possibilities available on site. And Margaux hired Caroline to help her teach the hammock classes. Some may remember that there were still no poles at that time! But the faithful pole community was still present and participated in the aerial hammock and movement wellness classes. People from the neighborhood were intrigued by the glass window studio and the diverse offer that was opening up to them.

August 2022 : The Official Beginning of the Blogs

I approached Margaux with the simple desire to help her with the translation of her website in July, after she received unpleasant comments about the fact that her promotion was mainly in English. But our meeting was not limited to the correction of her presentations: she offered me the opportunity to write blog articles for the studio mid July testing if that could be something that would work for the both of us. Passionate about writing, but also (especially) about pole and movement, I could not refuse this golden opportunity. Our collaboration happened so naturally, I feel so lucky to be part of this great team.

And I must thank all those who read me every week, I see the number of views increasing and I am so proud (but a little intimidated) to be able to reach so many people. We really have a beautiful community and I am constantly touched by your enthusiasm and response. Thank you to each and every one of you for giving meaning to these articles, my words mean nothing if they do not reach anyone.

September 2022 : Second Hire for Pole this time

The studio is no longer run by Margaux on her own, she hires her second coach after Caroline, Lolita. From that moment on, the family got bigger and continues to grow. Margaux does not hire just anyone, she is really interested in the human behind the coach. The person must be able to bring something different while respecting the energy of the studio and the identity of each student. When you take a class at Calmness Hotline, you are guaranteed to get a personalized experience that resonates with your goals and ambitions.

October 2022 : Pinktober

For the month of awareness on women's cancers, Margaux proposes a pink photoshoot. Having close friends and family who have struggled with breast cancer and who have had similar yet so different experiences, she decides to gather a circle of women who can, if they wish, share their personal experience with the disease. A wonderful moment of reflection and connection that changes Margaux's perspective on femininity. This key moment in the evolution of the studio will lead to the creation of special workshops on feminine expression, sensual movement, and many more to come.

January 2023 : Spinny Minnie

Qualified as a star pole dancer by many, Spinny Minnie joins the Calmness Hotline team for a few weeks. People are clamoring for her workshops and asking for more with private sessions, competition preparations, etc. It is probably at this point that Margaux realizes the importance of coaches being recognized by the community. She will redouble her efforts to make known the specialties of each teacher and how they stand out from each other. Uniqueness creates community.

Spring 2023 : The Renaissance

The spring time was quieter for the studio, but everything was still rolling at full speed within the team. Improvements to the website and mobile app, realignment of the goals of each class, and the creation of a schedule that sticks longer are some examples of what has been implemented in the shadows. Spring is often synonymous with rebirth and Calmness Hotline was no exception, with better guidance and better-established long-term planning. I promise you that the next few months will bring you surprises and unforgettable moments.

July 1st 2023 : Birthday Party

You are all invited to a full day of festivities on Saturday, July 1st! Free classes inside and outside, food for everyone, and festivities in the park are on the schedule. I give you more details in my previous article, and you can see the full schedule on the homepage of the website.

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