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Where cacao and sensuality meet

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Remember when you were a kid, on a snow day you could skip school and play for hours outside in the cold? The best part had to be when you came back home and your mom had prepared a hot chocolate with marshmallows for you, right? I have good news for you : we found the adult version of that perfect hot chocolate. Join us this Sunday, November 27th, for a fusion between the Calmness of a cacao ceremony and the Hotline of a sensual movements workshop.


Ceremonial Cacao isn't exactly the same as you childhood hot chocolate. First of all, it is made with the purest form of the cacao beans, a paste made from crushing the whole beans without removing the cacao butter. It is then prepared by the Ceremonialist, Stacey, with a pure intention of creating a safe and open space for everyone sharing the cacao. The beverage is then shared between the participants and it creates a connexion to oneself as well a connexion to others.

Sacred Cacao Ceremonies have been practiced in Amazonia and Central America for thousands of years. They are now becoming more popular in Western Countries because they fill our longing to a better, simpler lifestyle. The shared cacao will bring a sense of fulness and being in the present moment. When enjoyed on a daily basis, the cacao becomes an important meditation moment in most people's life. Some take this moment to journal or simply set intentions for the day. In our ceremony, you get to choose what kind of intention you wanna set for yourself and you're welcome to share it with the other participants if you wish to.


Pure cacao has a ton of physical and mental health benefits. It's an important source of magnesium, which is a natural anti-stress and also helps with muscle relaxation. Filled with tons of minerals, such as calcium and iron, it's also a great antioxydant and an ally for a better digestion. You probably already heard that chocolate gives you endorphins and it's true! The cacao will boost your serotonin level almost instantly. I'll add a few links at the end of the article if you wanna get to know cacao a little better.


Traditionally, every Cacao Ceremony is followed by some kind of group shared experience. Guided meditation, yoga or chanting are only a few examples. At Calmness Hotline, we like to spice things up and appeal to your creativity through movement. And let's not forget that cacao is also an aphrodisiac, so it seems natural to offer a sensual flow workshop in the same event.

Directed by Kara, this second part will focus on how you feel with your body, what comes naturally to you when you take a deep breath and let your limbs move to their own rhythm, without any judgement. I suggest that you wear leggings and kneepads to be comfortable in the movements. You can move bare foot, in socks or wearing dance heels, however you feel the most beautiful. Let you body follow its own desire and accept everything it does for you.

I'd like to specify that sensual movement doesn't have to mean sexual, in case you felt uncomfortable with the term. Sensuality refers to your senses and how they partake in your material self. Get to know your body by playing with the spaces around you and being fully present. You might even feel a deep connexion with the participants in this with you, as being this vulnerable with yourself will let you be more open to others. You are free to follow your intuition in every part of this process.


If this whole package seems enticing to you, you'll be happy to learn that you can register right now to be part of this wholesome experience. The event is two hours long in total, animated by both Stacey and Kara on their respective speciality, all for the low price of 88$ plus tax. And it's happening in a few days, so don't hesitate! Only a few spots are still open.

It is overall a beautiful moment you offer to yourself and you'll share it with like-minded human beings. I'd be surprised if you don't learn about yourself along the journey. Don't hesitate to reach out to Margaux if you have any questions.

In the future, Calmness Hotline will be hosting more of fusion workshops such as this one, joining two different disciplines that can go hand in hand if we let them. Let us know in the comments if there is some type of mixed classes you'd like to see happening at the studio, joining both the creativity of the mind and the wellness of movement.

Ressources about Cacao and the History of Cacao Ceremonies :

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