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Plan your Bachelorette Party at Calmness Hotline!

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Are you more of a Calmness or a Hotline Bride-to-be? When you book your Bachelorette Party with Calmness Hotline, you can choose what format fits your vibe the most. Let me explain what this means before you start planning the second-most important day of your life.


Bachelorette Parties don't have to be extravagant and loud. Maybe you prefer a more peaceful, meditative vibe for that important day, and that's totally okay! This is the occasion to connect with your bridesmaids and have a meaningful moment with them. If this is the way you see it, you should definitely try the Movement Wellness option.

You will start your day with a reflexion time on who you are today and who you want to be once you're married. This moment of conversation with your bridesmaids will make sure that your intensions are set and so you don't lose yourself in this new life that's beginning. Your friends will also have their own work to do, and that is writing down how they see you and what they love about you. That way you can always come back to this memory and remember who you were and who your bridesmaids saw you as, if you ever need to reconnect with your true self in the future.

The rest of your hour and a half activity will be inspired by the Movement Wellness class. In a very playful environnement, Margaux will lead you to experience different body movements and learn about your own limitations and boundaries. This shared moment will create a new understanding of your friends' feelings, as well as your own, as this is a game you play entirely with your body language.

You could also use this game to experiment with the aerial hammock, dance with it, play around it, try a few poses... When your feet aren't touching the ground, your mood shifts to a more lighthearted happiness.


Maybe you do want the loud eccentric Bachelorette Party! Be my guest.

You can choose the Pole option for your afternoon activity. You don't need any previous experience, Margaux will lead you to beginner moves and poses on the pole.

Pole Dance is a great way to reconnect with you body and your sensuality. Before giving yourself to your partner until dead do you part, this moment of exploration will be a good reminder of the woman you are right now, what you want and what you need. Pole is also a fun activity to do with friends in general. It's a little physically demanding but when you're laughing doing it you don't notice as much.

Once again, there is a possibility to explore with both pole and the aerial hammock. Some poses can be adapted to one another and maybe some of you will feel safer, as the fabric creates a secure seat.


At Calmness Hotline, we first and foremost wanna encourage creativity and community. So if you feel like the Movement Wellness activity sounds fun but you also wanna try Pole, or you wanna mix everything up and come up with a new version of the Bachelorette Party, we will assist you in this important moment.

This is your day, we want to make sure you enjoy every piece of it and leave the studio with your heart full and beautiful memories. After our time together, you can continue on the rest of your Bachelorette Day, whether the plan is an afternoon at the spa or a pub crawl all over the city!

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