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Wanna create your own choreo?

Updated: May 7, 2023

Do you dream of being able to create your own choreographies but you don't know where to start? Or maybe you've done it before but the way there felt messy and unstructured? It's always better to have good basics when creating a dance piece, as you could get lost in the process if you don't know where you're going. You could also freestyle until you find moves you like, but you may lose a lot of time doing so. Look no further, Kara built the perfect class for you to learn how to create your own pole choreo in heels! It's an intensive 5 weeks course in which she will help you better understand the basics of dancing in heels and assist you in the creation of your very own choreography. Ready? Set your heels. Go!


I am so grateful I had a coach teach me how to walk when I got my first pair of heels! I'm talking Beyoncé power strut, not Bambi on the ice wobbling. On the first week of the Heels Choreo Intensive course, Kara will help you perfect you walk in heels, as well as crawling and moving across the floor when you're getting on stage or to your pole. Even if you're not new to dancing in heels, a little revision of the basics can go a long way. She will also give you some conditioning exercises to do in heels.


The second week of the course will be about the classics in pole dance. This is your chance to work on fluidity in your body waves, have bigger momentum in your spins, create more impact with your drops and add intention to your pirouettes. Just because they're common moves doesn't mean you can't make them yours. Classics don't have to be boring, and that's why you'll be reviewing them (or discovering them if you're new to heels flow!) and refining your execution. This is a safe environment to try new things and see what feels best in your body, so you can really make the moves your own.


The third session is your chance to let the creativity flow. By combining everything you know, including all the movements you've worked on during the previous classes, you will create your own combos. Just like a big puzzle, you don't have to know where each piece goes right away. Trust the process as they say, and let your body discover where it wanna go. It could be floorwork, rotations around the pole, even inversions if you're already comfortable with them. Maybe there's a really cool trick you've learn a while ago, why not try and add it to your routine! This is not your final piece yet, this is your time to explore and embrace your discoveries. This is a good time to work on your musicality, search for cues in your favorite songs where you can highlight some moves and play with rhythms. Kara can also advise you on songs that would fit your style.


On the fourth week, decisions must be made. After exploring for three weeks, now is the time to choose your favorite variations and find a conducting line that will glue everything together. Kara will obviously be there for you if you need help to find the best transitions from one combo to the other, but the main idea will remain yours. This is a perfect mix between creativity and technique, making sense of the theory your body has learned and letting it speak for you. Repeat your sequence until you know it perfectly, add your own flair to the mix and there you go : in less than a month, you created a one to two minutes long pole choreography!


On the 5th week, it's SHOW TIME! Wear a costume or polewear that puts you in the right mood, let the music play and just feel yourself! Margaux will be there to film your final product, this is your time to shine. You are performing in a music video and you're the star of it. This will be the final exam and it's a celebration of your hard work. At this point, you can only be proud of what you've accomplished.

Are you ready to push your own boundaries and start creating by yourself? Learning someone else's choreography is fun and it's also very good for learning, but it prevents you from discovering what your own style is. And in the pole world, every single dancer has their own thing that makes them special. What will make you spark?

The Heels Choreo Intensive Course will take place every Saturday at 1 PM, starting on March 4th for five weeks up until April 1st.

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