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Get in touch with your flow

Updated: May 7, 2023

New year, new you (I think we're allowed to say that until mid-February, right?), and new ways to learn about yourself. When it comes to pole dance or pole fitness, people often want to work on strength and flexibility, leaving the "dance" part aside. But I find it important to get to know how your body moves so you play with transitions and add your own flair to every move you do. But how does one learn to flow, you may ask? Calmness Hotline has everything you need to discover the endless possibilities to move your body around the pole rather than on the pole.


Here you will find a safe space to explore self-expression and sensuality, at your own rhythm. You will learn different ways of moving your body around the pole and on the floor and you will also be invited to freestyle and take your time to be in touch with your body's natural flow. Heels are welcome but not mandatory and kneepads are highly recommended.

Saturdays 12:45PM


If you don't feel comfortable with improv just yet, no worries. In the Sensual Flow class you will learn a short sequence of movements and will then be invited to add your own spices to it. You will learn to play with transitions and to add intention to your body language. Wearing your heels and kneepads will make this class easier.

Saturdays 11:30 AM


This one is a little different than the regular Sensual Flow class as you will learn a longer choreography and will get more time to work on the moves and the transitions. You will once again be invited to add your own colours to the movements and to move freely. It will focus on slower variations, all levels are welcome.

Saturday January 21st 2PM


Come learn a flowy choreography and bring emotions into the mix with a contemporary style of dance. You don't need to be advanced in your pole journey because there won't be any tricks on the pole, you will move strictly around the pole and on the floor. Feel free to wear a skirt or loose pants to add a dramatic effect.

Saturday February 4th 3:15PM


You get a second chance to learn a contemporary choreography, this time with your heels on. All levels are welcome as you won't have to go up the pole. The heels enhance the possibility to slide on the floor and make every move feel even more flowy.

Saturday March 4th 3PM


The word "hard" refers to the type of exotic dance this is, but the workshop will indeed be harder. It is for more advanced level of pole dancers. Learn a fun choreo with flips and drops and adapt it to your own style. You have to be comfortable on pole dancing high heels for this.

Saturday January 28th 2PM


I wrote a previous article about the sacred ceremony of Cacao (read it here) and you have a new chance to assist to this intimate and precious workshop. You will have a moment of meditative cacao preparation and tasting, followed by a sensual movement class that will make you feel in touch with your body and its own way of moving in space.

Sunday February 12th 4PM

Are you ready to become more flowy from head to toe? All of those fun classes and workshops will help you make your freestyles more fluid and also teach you how to bring your own style to any choreography you might like to develop in the future. You better be quick, most of the workshops are almost sold out already!

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