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Self-love is in the air

Updated: May 7, 2023

Ahh February, the month of love... Valentine's Day is around the corner, but you don't need to have a life partner to celebrate! Love has to come from the inside first... So give yourself some time to breathe and feel good with who you are. Once you've fallen in love with yourself, well if they wanna be your lover, Honey they gotta get with your friends. And because friendship never ends, Calmness Hotline also offers a few opportunities to get with your bestie and work on some fun duo choreography. Friends who move together, stick together... Okay, I am done with the cheesy friendship quotes. But I promise you'll want to register for one or the other classes I'm presenting to you today.


Maybe you have tried the Aerial Yin class before. And maybe you've been to a Sound Oasis session. Now is your chance to get the best of both worlds. Margaux and Selma join forces to offer a special class every Wednesday in February where you will find deep peace and wellness. You will start with a slow stretch and hold long poses to truly feel connected to your body. Then you'll have a time to relax in your hammock while listening to the magic of the sound bowls mixed with Selma's beautiful voice guiding you through a mindful meditation. A special time for yourself to be, and to love.

Wednesday 8 PM


Once a week for the whole month of February, come to the studio with your bestie and learn a duo choreography on the aerial hammock. Caroline and Margaux will create a short sequence to practice with your aerial buddy and at the end of the class you'll be able to film and have a nice souvenir of this shared time. This class is open to all levels and who knows, maybe you'll fall in love with the duo dynamic of aerial sports!

Wednesday 5:30 PM


Get ready for a hot and sensual pole choreo with this fun workshop for you and your galentine. Learn a low flow dance (no tricks on the pole) and get tangled with your bestie's body. If you'd like to explore duo pole dancing but don't have a pole friend yet, come as a single element on Saturday, February 11th and we'll find you a match!


Another beautiful way to honor yourself is to partake in the Cacao and Sensual Play workshop happening on Sunday February 12th. If you're not sure what a Cacao Ceremony looks like, I've written an article about it already and you can read it : here. And don't forget the regular classes that can help you feel more confident in your sensuality and your movement : Sensual Flow on Saturdays at 11:30 AM and Intuitive Flow on Saturdays as well at 12:45 PM.

How will you choose to honor your inner lover this winter? Maybe this will be the beginning of a long self-love history, who knows? I hope you find peace and wellness along the way. Happy Valentine's Day to all of you, single or partnered up or in a it's complicated situationship.

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